postThis is going to be a very quick post. I just HAD to share with you something and it’s last minute and time sensitive. I’m really sorry I am delivering this so late but the classes I have been talking about on Traditional Food Preparations by GNOWFLINS have been on my mind. Mainly because it seems like every single day I bring a skill into my kitchen I have learned from these fabulous classes.

The reason it’s so important to get this post out today, is that I just remembered while I was making my yummy homemade almond butter, that the price of the classes are going up by midnight tonight! I feel terrible I didn’t post this a few days ago to give more of you a chance at the lower monthly prices but this just occurred to me now that you should at least have the chance to lock in the wonderfully low rates I have been enjoying. Seriously, I am in the middle of making my almond butter and stopped to put this post up to give you as much time as possible to get in on the lower price. If you sign up before midnight tonight, the prices will stay as low as I have been paying for over 2 years! And they will be locked in for you too.

Did you know that making your own almond butter (even in comparison to the raw almond butter in the health food stores) is superior to what you can buy? The reason is because it is very unlikely you will be getting almonds that have been soaked and dehydrated before being made into almond butter. Why is that important? Well, Wardee, when teaching these classes gives you all the reasons but I can tell you that one of the biggest is that you are eliminating or greatly reducing the enzyme inhibitors which are responsible for sometimes serious digestibility problems. And there is so much more to learn from this one class which has videos, MP3’s and print tutorials to help you get on your way to healthier food preparation.

Whether you are eating a Paleo Diet, a vegetarian diet, a whole foods diet, etc., it will benefit you greatly to learn these practices that will enhance the food’s natural health properties and more importantly (to me) minimize the effects of the anti-nutrients within otherwise healthy foods. Classes available through this one membership include how to prepare grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy, fruits, veggies, stock, and more to increase digestibility, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and overall nutrition. And that’s just the Fundamentals 1 class! She offers many classes, all available whenever you decide to take them, all included in the monthly price. I loved all the classes but I must admit my favorite was the Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese class because I was always interested in how to make my own healthy yogurt and cheese. I am currently off of dairy but can’t wait to re-introduce it and use the skills I learned during that class.

If you are just starting out on trying to grasp the art of traditional food preparation, or you want to learn more advanced skills like making cheese or dehydrating your own beef jerky in a traditional way, these classes are going to be some of the best lessons you will find to help you achieve greater health. Most of the time, I cannot even find a product at the market that is even close to what I make every day at home for nutrition value. I owe a lot to Wardee for these wonderful classes. Without them, I don’t think I could have grasped all the information I wanted to learn so desperately in my favorite book on healthy foods, Nourishing Traditions.

So head over to GNOWFLINS and give yourself a treat and a nutritional boost for the summer and learn how to make your food healthier by following traditional food preparation methods. I am positive you won’t regret it. And there is no better time than now to lock in the lower price.  And even if you miss the lower price, I guarantee the new prices are well worth every penny anyway. I just thought I’d clue you in on this great opportunity.

Now, back to my almond butter! (Note: I know almonds would not be allowed on the autoimmune protocol so I thought I’d enjoy some before I start.)


Have a great week!

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