I am taking a break from my month long “Let’s Go Gluten Free Series” in order to bring this blog back to “ground zero.” Ground Zero on this blog has always been a search for the root cause of Hashimoto’s. Anyone who has been following me for the last 9-10 years has come away with the understanding that I have always felt we would find the root cause….one day!

Well, that day is on its way faster than ever! Thanks to the great minds of many wonderful professionals out there who have not been satisfied with the amount of suffering us Hashi people are experiencing even after that “magic pill” was prescribed. People like Dr. Kharrazian and his groundbreaking book (that began my movement towards healing), “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests are Normal.”, which led me to the work of Dr. O’Bryan after learning more and more about the role gluten has in autoimmune disease, to now Pharmacist, Izabella Wentz’ book, “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause.” Of course, you can probably tell that this last book title is something very special to me.

I had to write this post as a short break from my series this month on how to go truly gluten free,  because there is a new book trailer for Izabella’s book (also conveniently available for download in eBook form for immediate help) which I think deserves it’s own post. It’s impossible for me to express in words what this book has meant to me. I cannot explain how important I believe it is for every Hashimoto’s sufferer to have this book in their library! I have never said this about any other book in the 10 years I have been managing thyroid forums or blogging and now managing a Hashimotos Thyroiditis Facebook Support Group. This book has the ability to change your life faster than any other resource I have found without immediate professional help. You will be much closer to knowing the next step in your journey after having this book as your guide. A short time ago I wrote a detailed review on this book if you are interested here.

So, take a look at the book trailer and make sure to get a copy of the book or eBook today! You will not regret it!


Disclaimer: All posts are describing my personal journey through health issues and are in no way meant to guide anyone towards any method in particular. I am not a medical practitioner or have a dietary or medical license, and this blog is not intended to be taken as authoritative advice. Please see your doctor, or health professional before making any drastic diet changes! Also, occasionally I find others to partner with whom I have had tremendous help from and therefore, there may be paid advertisements and links to support them and help me financially run this website.
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