Many of you probably know this about me already, but for those who don’t, I have spent the last 10 years interacting on my forums, website, blog and Facebook page for one specific purpose; to share our journeys and hopefully learn from each other. That’s why this post is so special to me.

I would like to formally introduce Jeanette Elisha-Elliss who resides in the UK and has been joining in on discussion more frequently on our Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Support Group Facebook page. I have been in contact with Jeanette, for some time now, due to her interest into the cause of disease, auto immune, deficiencies and hormone imbalance that is not always being picked up on standard blood testing. Jeanette is extremely knowledgeable in terms of science and has managed to dramatically improve her health by applying her knowledge. From reader feedback to Jeanette’s book, (for those in the UK, it is here) many others are reporting testing the same, and by sharing her story and interacting on our support group page, she hopes to share her knowledge in the hope of finding more answers that could possibly change testing and help others help themselves in the future. I welcome her insights on nutritional deficiencies, genetics or other areas she understands better than me, which may help others support their body for better health.

Her experience and success story is one that I believe will encourage you, and perhaps even give you inspiration to look into other means for help when what you are currently doing isn’t working for you. Her goal is to expand her knowledge through the experiences of others and share what she knows from a very strong scientific background. If, after reading this post, you have any questions for Jeanette, you may drop a comment below this post, and she has promised to answer you and help where she can. 

So let’s please welcome my guest, Jeanette.



The Eli Diet Theory was written to try and highlight that deficiencies in the body may not be picked up in standard medical tests and to show that home testing, cheap and easy, can help one keep a check on how the body is balanced.

Very ill my blood tests were always normal as well as my children’s with CFS. Knowing we had a problem, I studied and I found tests that did indicate a cause when doctors found nothing. This protein test show we over metabolise in an unnatural way, made worse by stress, hormones, heat and other triggers.

Having found a cause I began to understand our problem. By testing our pH levels this also showed how our bodies were functioning and the problem with the over metabolizing this then caused. Due to the periodic nature again this did not show up in our blood tests. This for many is making the process of diagnosis very difficult or inaccurate.

Understanding the cause allowed me to study the impact on my body. In medical terms, I was suffering from malnutrition, not because I did not eat well or have an unhealthy BMI, but because I just was not consuming the right combination of food or right amount of food needed to make my body healthy. From a skinny child, I also then had weight gain, although I have always had this undetected problem with my metabolism.

The Eli diet theory explains these tests and also the impact of heat, stress, hormones, on the body in terms of depleting the body.

For organs and cells to function at their best, the body needs vital alkaline and acids (minerals, salts, and sugars). By testing the pH of the body this can indicate too few or too many. As well as this, amino acids (proteins) are required, needed for cells and muscle coating. This is known as ion channel. Ion Channel diseases cover most medical disease conditions.

When very unwell, unable to walk with terrible hormone imbalance, I was unable to trigger receptors associated with the CNS, the entire hormone system, and other involuntary functions properly due to deficiencies. All are found on one main receptor area. This receptor is found next to the nicotinic receptor, and I believe that many resort to the use of caffeine and nicotine as these chemicals can pass through the receptor independently.

beforeandafterBy understanding the simple principles and not relying on inaccurate blood testing, I helped myself. To help others, I have tried to simplify the science and testing to show how to constantly check for problems. Due to how unwell I was, I had to rebuild my stores in my body quickly, and was unable to eat normally. This was highlighted by the media in terms of the milkshakes I drank. However, this has now changed, and my eating is normal again, concentrating on high mineral, nitrate, and protein meals. If I need to up certain areas using the tests I do.

Everyone is individual, so the charts in my book help people make their own choices. Many have food sensitivities, so what worked for me may not be a choice of someone else. My information helps direct the reader to their own choices.

I know that the phosphate deficiencies in my body TRIGGERED the symptoms of my condition.
By addressing the cause and by building stores, I have managed to reverse my symptoms and feel this may help me avoid further disease in the future just by selected nutrition alone.

I am not anti medication at all. That said, by medicating, we are treating symptoms, and the cause of disease are being ignored and can still remain. I have very limited prescription drug knowledge but I have a huge understanding of science and biochemistry.

Since writing my book many other people with various conditions are testing the same.

My family and extended family have the same cause but the symptoms are different. For me, it is myasthenia gravis and hypothyroidic associated symptoms, but my children and others, CFS, OCD, arthritis, spondylitis, MD, hormone imbalance, ADD, learning disabilities and other autoimmune associated symptoms.

Inadequate testing is not being addressed, and by asking for reader feedback, I hope this will change this in the future. On my website (the comments section) emails can come directly to me in private. If I can explain anything not understood, I am happy to do so. Direct medical advise will not be given.

If our standard testing is not accurate, this to me is worth sharing and researching.


A big thank you to Jeanette for sharing her knowledge and experience. As always, I must ad a disclaimer that the views expressed in this post by Jeanette are not necessarily the exact views of this blog’s owner, especially since I cannot understand the science as well as she does. But there is something very fundamental about getting enough nutrition for the body to function, don’t you think?  That’s why this “common-sense” approach means so much to me through the eyes of someone who has used this theory to get well herself. We all must decide how to proceed with our own health. With the help of stories like this, we will continue to march towards helping the symptoms of disease and conquering their root cause!

Jeanette’s website is and you can also buy her eBook in America on Amazon here.

Here’s to our continued healing!

Disclaimer: All posts are describing my personal journey through health issues and are in no way meant to guide anyone towards any method in particular. I am not a medical practitioner or have a dietary or medical license, and this blog is not intended to be taken as authoritative advice. Please see your doctor, or health professional before making any drastic diet changes! Also, occasionally I find others to partner with whom I have had tremendous help from and therefore, there may be paid advertisements and links to support them and help me financially run this website.
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