After a year of waiting, I finally got my follow-up mercury test. Last year’s major mercury poisoning scare on top of Hashimoto’s and detoxing, took it’s toll but I was finally emotionally ready to see the details and results of my year long detox. So, this is going to be a quick “sharing” post on the results of that test.

Before I reveal the results, it’s important to express how incredibly anxious I was because I have heard that a person has to do a lot of detoxing to get mercury out of their system and to top it off, many people can never see enough change in their mercury levels to brag about. According to Dr. Mercola’s article here, there are new ways to test mercury that I have not done. At this point, I am testing “apples to apples” (meaning my two tests were exactly the same type of test) so I am pleased with the results and for now, will chase other important health issues in my life until I need to come back to this in the future, if ever.

So, I had a mercury test in 2010 as shown in this post. I was unable to afford the intense detox that was recommended just prior to my amalgam removal to prevent the mercury from collecting in my organs as a great amount of mercury is released during this process. However, since then, I have learned that there is serious concern with using the DMPS detox regimen if someone might have antibodies against mercury which I heard recently in this interview with Dr. Kharrazian, so this is another “can of worms” to look into if you are facing this decision. Instead I continued the GAPS Diet Intro during this time and then was given some really good minerals by my GAPS consultant. And as you will see, I was a fortunate one and it appears I can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

Backing up just a speck for those of you who have not been following me last year, is that I found out I had very elevated mercury levels from my alternative practitioner in 2010. After that I began looking into books like “It’s All in Your Head” by Dentist Hal A. Huggins which I highly recommend and other online resources, I knew I should get my amalgams out but the cost was overwhelmingly difficult to swallow. I thought to myself, “I can buy a car for that price” but what I didn’t realize back then is that buying a “new life” was way more beneficial than buying a car. So, I decided to “let it go” and hoped it would all go away!

If you need to look into mercury amalgam removal for yourself, please seek a safe, biological dentist which you can search for here. This is extremely important as getting these fillings out in an unsafe way can make you very ill. See my other posts which are linked in this article for more details and a video.

While I won’t go into details here, you can read those details in my prior posts in the following order here and here. They were removed last year in May and to think I instigated it by doing an intense detox which brought the symptoms into an emergency state! In a way it was an incredible blessing because I truly don’t think I would have gotten these amalgams (8 of them) removed if I hadn’t been forced to through this situation.

Below you will see my test results. Keep in mind, I fully expected to see a serious amount of mercury in my system, especially knowing the magnitude of my prior level. I will put the old results first so you can see the amazing change in levels between the two. In the current results you will see elevated Barium and Lead now but I am not in the mood to worry about those at the moment! I want to bask in this moment of my freedom from mercury toxicity!

Metal Toxicity Results for website

And here are the new results one year after mercury removal and the GAPS Diet plus minerals (the results are recorded a bit differently since it’s a different lab but what matters are the values, and mercury is way out of the danger zone!) Yay!:

Mercury toxicity text #2 July 2013 for website

Oh, and my blood pressure was still good a year after removal at 116/73. I must tell you that nobody can convince me that losing weight is what lowered my blood pressure when it was 200/99 before the amalgam removal and 122/73 one month after removal! As a side note, I have had high blood pressure all my adult life and now that I look back, it must have been as a result of this mercury poisoning since I had the majority of my fillings in my early 20’s!

I hope this post has helped someone out there in some way. As I say all the time, this blog is to record my personal experience and in no way do I guarantee the same results with anyone else. However, I have learned from the experiences of others so I am just putting mine out “there” in hopes it will help someone else in figuring out what might be an obstacle in their own journey.

Have a great weekend!


Disclaimer: All posts are describing my personal journey through health issues and are in no way meant to guide anyone towards any method in particular. I am not a medical practitioner or have a dietary or medical license, and this blog is not intended to be taken as authoritative advice. Please see your doctor, or health professional before making any drastic diet changes! Also, occasionally I find others to partner with whom I have had tremendous help from and therefore, there may be paid advertisements and links to support them and help me financially run this website.
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