Well, this time I really did it! Hashimotos Thyroiditis isn’t the only culprit in my health woes! It took a very scary few months to finally allow the thought that mercury could very well be poisoning me and even more so while eating a healthy, thyroid-friendly diet! Why now? Why worse? Well, in the spring of this year I began a diet intended to detox my body and lead me into better health. The only problem was that I didn’t take into account that I already knew I had extremely elevated mercury levels. How did I know that? Take a look at this test taken a couple years ago. I know, I know….you’re thinking to yourself, “why in the world would she not remove the mercury after she saw those results?” But, you see, removing 8 fillings is very expensive and I thought I “had time” to think about it or save for the event, not really understanding the tremendous amount of damage this issue may have been causing my health. It’s one thing to see it on paper; it’s another thing to understand what exactly the symptoms would be for something like mercury poisoning. That is, unless they presented themselves in a drastic way! And, so they did…when I began my very serious detox diet. That’s what this post will talk about.