Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #8 – The Gluten Free Journey Continues

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Let's Go Gluten Free Series, Supplements | 2 comments

So you now know how to be truly gluten-free (at least at the foundation) but what is next? I wish I could tell you that gluten-free was the only thing you need to do to feel better. For many of us, there is significant symptom relief. If you are one of these people, please stop by the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Support Group and let others know what you had to do before you were truly gluten-free and what symptoms were relieved by this change!

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #7 – What about other Food Sensitivities?

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I really don’t like the subject of food sensitivities – well it’s not the subject I don’t like so much I guess, it’s the food sensitivities themselves! The reason is that it took me literally years to figure out that I was needlessly suffering from all kinds of symptoms that could have been alleviated just by eliminating certain foods. The problem was that I found it very difficult to figure out which food caused what. I now look back and realize that it could have been much easier if I knew to first cut out gluten, and then work on identifying the remaining food sensitivities. Symptoms like rapid heart rate, frequent urination, feeling bloated, blurred vision, eye pain, joint pain, migraines, inflammation, anxiety, depression, mood swings….yes, I know what you’re thinking – those symptoms are from Hashimoto’s!

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #6 – Eating Out (Restaurants and Social Gatherings)

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This post was probably the hardest for me to write in this series, not because there are no gluten-free restaurants out there but because I have had the most trouble going truly gluten-free in this area! It is also probably the longest of the posts. Remember, there is no such thing as being gluten-free 99% of the time! You have to be gluten-free 100% of the time. One itsy bitsy exposure, can set off an autoimmune response that could take up to 6 months to heal! I’ll give you the good news later in the post but for now, let me explain why this post is so heavy on my heart. I want to drive this point “home” so you don’t have to suffer like I did before I figured all this out. Make sure you read til the end because I am covering all kinds of situations and the good news is towards the end of the post. For me, this post was intense to write and may be intense to read but please do take the time to read the whole thing. It might save you from months (or longer) of troubleshooting your continuing symptoms.

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #5 – Hidden Gluten in Non-Food Products?

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Cross-Contamination, Let's Go Gluten Free Series | 2 comments

One thing about a person who is on the GAPS Diet like I am, is almost all potential toxins are removed and that includes soaps, make-up, shampoos, etc. leaving me less likely to have a ton of info on this topic to share. But I have researched and come up with some good resources to get you started. And the more I worked on this post, the more I realized how many products I really do still use! First, let’s see if we can determine whether it’s important to go gluten-free with our cosmetics and self-care products.

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #4 – What in the World do I Cook?

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Food, Let's Go Gluten Free Series | 3 comments

Okay, this subject can be very confusing. I hope this post will help you make some sense of all the diets out there. First of all, you are not looking for a “diet” that will somehow score a quick weight loss but leave you with all the same internal problems (I hope). You are looking to get healthier and as a by-product, your body will shed the weight like it did me. You will hear all kinds of advice out there (and even here) based on others’ experiences and on “expert” blogs, but what is going to matter in the long run is what type of diet works for you and your body. Here’s where I again recommend Pharmacist Izabella Wentz’ book Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause or her eBook here. In this book, you will be able to piece together whether you should start with one diet or another for your particular situation. One thing almost all experts agree on is that gluten should be out. So we will focus on gluten in this post as we have this month so far.

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #3 – What Food is Safe?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2013 in Cross-Contamination, gluten sensitivity, Let's Go Gluten Free Series | 2 comments

It’s been so long since I’ve started the gluten-free diet, I sometimes forget how confusing it was at the beginning. But I think I can help you by narrowing foods down from the root – just like we are trying to do with our Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. At the very root of the food, does it have gluten? (And remember that we are concentrating on gluten at this point, not overall diet.) This works pretty well for grains like wheat, rye, and barley, but it gets a bit confusing when we look into processed foods. This is where reading labels comes in to play. Here’s my rule of thumb: If it doesn’t say specifically Gluten Free on the label, don’t buy it, especially when first starting out. The worst thing you can do is “trust” that the manufacturer is going to plainly list gluten or wheat on the label ingredients if it’s there.

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