Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: A Better Way to Hope and Healing

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As I was working to answer questions and helping others find support on my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Facebook Support Page this week, I found myself saying under my breath “OH, I cannot WAIT until they get to read this book!” What book you say? Well, today Dr. Joshua J. Redd, DC, MS, DABFM, DAAIM, is launching his book “The Truth About Low Thyroid, Stories of Hope and Healing for those Suffering with Hashimoto’s Low Thyroid Disease” and I couldn’t be more excited AND it couldn’t be more timely.   Does this sound familiar to you? “Over and over I was told the same thing: ‘Your thyroid is fine. You shouldn’t be putting on all this weight. Stop eating so much, and get some exercise.’ When I was finally put on thyroid replacement, they increased my dosage every time I started to feel worse. It didn’t do any good.” Or this: “I’d never been depressed in my life, but with the changes in my health, my appearance, the pain, and the fact that I could no longer do everything I was accustomed to doing, I knew I couldn’t go on much longer. My body deteriorated so quickly that I was sure I was going to die.” And sadly this: “I never told anyone how bad I felt because I knew from experience it wouldn’t get me anywhere. I didn’t want to complain. I was doing everything I could to find an answer, but no one could find anything wrong with me. I began to question myself, and started wondering if I was just crazy. I didn’t want anyone else to wonder, too, so I kept my illness to myself.”   That last one was me for years! I got tired of going to the emergency room because over time, I began to see the words “panic disorder” or “hypochondriac” written in my file. Once the ER doctor saw those words in my file, you can only imagine how quickly I was dismissed! And no, I am not making a profit by telling you about this book (only the book was given to me for an honest review). I just feel SO incredibly sad to hear the same stories over and over again from people who are not being listened to by their conventional doctors! We really need change in the way conventional medicine is treating us! It is just inadequate! But for now, we NEED to find answers in alternative ways until conventional medicine catches up to what these knowledgeable and VERY educated Functional Medicine doctors already know will help you! (Seeking Functional Medicine is what finally turned my journey around and led me to many great diet changes and healing protocols that conventional medicine still will not acknowledge. Ask a sufferer though who got this help, and they will tell you how much of a difference this approach has made for their health and symptoms!) The emotional damage from not feeling validated is unbelievable! If you take nothing else from this book, this may be the most important aspect as you read the stories of those who have suffered like you might be, highlighted in its pages. You will be able to identify with them and it will validate your suspicion that you just simply may not getting the right help for your symptoms!     It’s a (too) long road I have kept this blog about my journey with Hashimotos Thyroidtis for many years now. The main question I get on a regular basis on my companion Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Facebook Support Group is this: “Why can’t we get any real help from our doctors?” Although the wording is different from person to person, it is the same question in a nutshell and many are told to go seek emotional counseling instead of getting the validation and help they need! This continues to cause me distress daily when I hear of so many of those who come to my page suffering. In some ways, I believe they are needlessly suffering because I know of the help available but conventional medicine will not yet validate it so they are left to be suspicious of any natural or alternative interventions.  After all, I have been diagnosed now for over 20 years and not ONE thing has changed in the treatment protocol for Hashimoto’s in conventional medicine even though thousands and thousands of sufferers confirm on a daily basis that the current standard of care is NOT working!   Instead they blame it on the patient and send them away!   This is unacceptable and I am so glad that doctors like Dr. Joshua Redd are attempting to get the word out that there IS hope and although it may take some personal responsibility and work to get the help you need, it IS out there and your symptoms are NOT your imagination!!   Thankfully, it’s easier to get help than ever before So today, I want to give you hope! I want to tell you that others have gone before you, suffered for years, looked for all kinds of alternative treatments, asked all the same questions, and finally found the hope they were looking for! Dr. Redd from ReddRiver Health and Wellness compiled this book of testimonies full of hope from those who have cried out for help like you have. Those who have felt the same hopelessness and fear. Like me, at the point of almost giving up, they barely “hobbled” into the doctor’s office who finally gave them the hope they needed. Each of us have different triggers, different circumstances which brought us to our Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis. This is something Dr. Redd and others in Functional Medicine help you pinpoint. But guess what? Even with all our different situations, we still suffer with the same lack of help from our conventional doctors. This is because they are not looking for the root cause of your symptoms. They continue to watch your thyroid numbers and if they are “in range,” you are […]

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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Don’t Blame Your Doctor

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Recently I took my daughter (who also has Hashimoto’s) to our HMO for a regular check-up. As we asked for the test for thyroid antibodies, we got the regular reply, “Once you have antibodies, you will always have them.” But we still asked if we could please get the test anyway. Surprisingly, we were humored. Here’s the problem – if you are in a system that is only treating for your TSH numbers, why would you expect them to do anything else? Even diagnosing Hashimoto’s is a difficulty for them. Why? Because they don’t have a way to treat you with drugs, so why bother diagnosing you? And if you already are diagnosed, why keep beating a dead horse? They see this as a progressive condition that will eventually kill your thyroid. Why watch the destruction? Just accept it! We are living in a world that looks to drugs for all our health concerns. Can you imagine…..? In fact, now that I think of this, it doesn’t have to be imagined. We go on eating all the sugar we want when we have Diabetes as long as the doctor continues to increase our dosage of medication, with whatever it is they have decided to give you to “treat” your Diabetes. But is that drug improving your condition? No. It’s managing the symptoms. If, however, you decided to lay low on the sugar, fruit, grains and other foods that raise your blood sugar levels and your levels naturally lower to the point that you don’t need that side effect laden drug, you are not only improving your condition, but you are preventing complications (long term) while staying away from drugs that will give you side effects that will also need to be “treated.” And the cycle continues with each malady you come to your conventional doctor for. One road attempts to stop the “bleeding” at the root, and the other perpetuates the condition to the point of introducing a variety of new conditions due to a worsening of your condition as well as introducing you to drug induced new problems, which then need their own treatments. I know this. I managed my own mother’s roller-coaster drug induced complications with other drugs as her doctors continued to push new drugs for “preventative” reasons that would have more side-effects; and on and on it went. This toxicity in the body is way too hard on it and many times very unnecessary! I got off of this roller-coaster for my own health about 10 years ago and will never look back! I am not saying there is no place for necessary medications to treat issues that are either not able to be addressed by diet (like thyroid hormone at times) or sometimes, we need to use these medications on our way to reversing the underlying imbalances our body needs to repair. There are many ways to seek health naturally, and what I have found is that due to so many personalities, needs, and situations out there, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach as you attempt to find your own road to healing. There are some resources I highly recommend for this task of finding your particular healing path. These resources can significantly reduce your research time by getting you straight to protocols that have worked for thousands of sufferers. I will list a few of the many resources. First up, we have Izabella Wentz, a Pharmacist and Hashimoto’s patient. This combination gave her incredible insights and access to lab testing that we normally don’t have at our own fingertips. Her experience and conclusions have been recorded in her fantastic book here on Amazon, my affiliate partner, or in eBook form here for immediate access. There is also a great video explaining her book’s focus below: And there is the fantastic new book which focuses on all autoimmune disease and lifestyle interventions which have been proven to help thousands of sufferers and the reasons behind these interventions. This one is incredible for those of you who, like me, are interested in the science behind these changes before jumping on the “bandwagon” diets and lifestyle changes some people are doubtful about. In the author’s own words, here is a tour of The Paleo Approach, by Sarah Ballantyne, which is now available on Amazon.com here: The Paleo Approach is a book I have been waiting months for and will be a constant resource for me as I continue my healing journey! Having these books in your library will be invaluable as you heal because autoimmune disease is complicated and needs fine tuning along the way. An absolutely fabulous interview with Sarah on The Balanced Bites podcast is here. And for a focus of nutrition and building up yours stores of energy lost through deficiencies caused by stress, lack of nutrition, and others, Jeanette, who I introduced last week, has a new book out that is filled with the science behind these deficiencies, how to test for them, and how to address them. Jeanette solved her own health problems which resulted in practical paralysis by using the methods in her book. She shares her journey and insights on her website and in her book here. And of course, the focus of my treatment protocol which I have been using for almost 2 years now with fantastic results, the GAPS Diet which has changed my life and brought a ton of healing to my body. Below you will find a video explaining the basis of this diet (which I used as my jump-start into the diet) and this post describes my healing journey while using this protocol after the first year. I am now moving towards my two year annivesary and I still love this approach. There are more of these fantastic resources in my resource area, but I felt lead to bring these to your attention today. So, let’s not blame our doctors. They are doing their job. They are providing pharmaceutical approaches to your health concerns, providing […]

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Taking the Time to Find the Root Cause

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I am taking a break from my month long “Let’s Go Gluten Free Series” in order to bring this blog back to “ground zero.” Ground Zero on this blog has always been a search for the root cause of Hashimoto’s. Anyone who has been following me for the last 9-10 years has come away with the understanding that I have always felt we would find the root cause….one day! Well, that day is on its way faster than ever!

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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause (Book Review)

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    I was so grateful to have received a copy of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause from author, Izabella Wentz! Izabella used her technical background and expertise as a pharmacist to dig at the root cause of her own thyroid problem. As a sufferer of Hashimoto’s, she was shocked at the lack of knowledge about lifestyle interventions for Hashimoto’s and autoimmune conditions in the world of conventional medicine. Her mission became to not only help her own thyroid condition, but if successful, to deliver this information to the thyroid community that she saw suffering with very little help from their current traditional protocols. This is what her new book is all about. I am thrilled to deliver this review to as many thyroid sufferers as possible to help get the word out that there are ways to help Hashimoto’s.

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