Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Hi! My Name is Maureen. I am a Hashimoto’s Sufferer but I am NOT a Blogger!

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I have a confession. I have an addiction. Besides chocolate of course—I can’t stop trying to get the message out to the world that the longer you wait to address your Hashimotos (the autoimmune nature of this condition), the more damage to your thyroid and the more likelihood you will develop other autoimmune diseases.  Yes, this is my addiction. It is why I blog. But I found out something important yesterday. When hitting 10,000 “likes” on my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Support Group on Facebook, I wanted to do a give-a-way of something special to some of the members. I had it all set up but then read the rules for give-a-ways—the hoops I would need to jump through, the fine print I would have to think about, and the details I was not prepared for. I learned something yesterday. I am NOT a true blogger.  That is not why I’m here. I’m here to get a message out, not to compete with other blogs or become successful financially. You see, a professional blogger does these things: It’s their full-time job/hobby. They put up a new post every day or every other day (or at least are very regular). They often have tech support and other people helping them. Their goal is to earn an income to sustain their passion or livelihood. Me? I never knew I would still be blogging 7 years after starting. I only knew I wanted to get this message out. In contrast, my “blogging” looks like this: This is my full-time passion because I, too, struggle with this condition. And what I learn, I want to share with others who are also struggling. I put up a post when I have been inspired to do so, which varies from week to week, month to month. My son is my tech support when I am in dire need for help (which has been way too often lately!). Other than that, I am on my own! Quite honestly, I don’t seem to be able to be consistent enough due to my focus on healing – at least not now – to be as committed as you have to be to be a “professional blogger”. What I have learned is that I will continue my mission and do the best I can with my passion. I will not be able to match the massive and consistent amount of content most bloggers produce. I will continue to work once per day on the Facebook support group and get to as many posts as possible (to the extent that I can maintain a healthy balance each day). But, I may not always be perfect and I might miss a day here and there. Why? Because I have Hashimoto’s. And although my healing has been dramatic, I still have to work on lingering Hashimoto’s issues. This is what I still deal with: Losing a night’s sleep for a Hashi person is like becoming disabled. At least for me it is. So those days are sometimes days I need to resign, grab some tea, do the very minimum I can get away with, and wait for another chance to sleep. These days I have a hard time getting to my Facebook page. I try hard, but sometimes I must wait a day to get back into the groove after some well needed rest. Yesterday I had that kind of day. Stress overload – I have learned with Hashi’s that stress tends to cause symptoms that become a serious setback if you don’t learn to manage it well enough. For these reasons, I have to sometimes skip a day or take a few days off. This is not a very good habit for a real blogger but my main goals are my main goals…to get time-saving and pain saving information out to as many as possible without causing my own condition to worsen. That is what my blog is for, and the information stays up there even when I am resting. So that makes me happy. Overwhelm – A common symptom with Hashi’s is the feeling that you cannot keep up with life. I think it’s mostly because you have to look inward so much when other healthier people can pretty much focus outwardly on their duties and pursuits. We have to focus on our health. We have to make sure we are getting rest, eating right, and sleeping well to function. I have learned that if these things are not in place, I cannot function properly. These times also require me to step back. I wrote this post because I have felt a sense of obligation to so many members to “be a blogger” and deliver the give-a-ways, dish out the many posts each week and be, well, a “blogger.” No one has said anything to me or complained. I put that on myself. I am a perfectionist. But I know this is something I must accept. I am still healing. I must put my health before blogging in order to keep the healing going and in turn help as many of you as possible by getting important posts up that will keep people in touch with the newest and most helpful natural interventions as possible. My focus is there. And when those posts go up, you will know it was important to me to deliver them to you. You’ll know it wasn’t a post I came up with just because I needed to keep the content coming. I received two beautiful thank you emails this week in the middle of my day of exhaustion from not sleeping much the night before. I had been disappointed in myself as a “blogger” and felt like I was letting the community down for not being as attentive as usual. The emails encouraged me that this is exactly why I’m here and why I keep going. My focus to get the message out is the only pressure I will put on myself. Because I know it is helping […]

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Welcome to My Hashimotos Thyroiditis Blog!

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Hi, I’m Maureen. The reason I am starting this blog is to share my journey, tips and support to those who are either new to Hashimotos Thyroiditis or are just looking for others to share with. I have always seen this road as a “lonely” one. I haven’t met anyone in person that has this disease yet, and I’ve been diagnosed for about 14 years! The best support I’ve had has been online. I have a great set of friends that have been helping each other for years now. I tend to keep my focus simple – not making an issue of the test numbers and other technical stuff. There’s a place for that but to focus on it is very frustrating for me. I choose to “listen to my body” more than the tests. There have been great rewards as I’ve left the “system” of the HMO and begun my own research toward a more natural approach. The book that started it all for me was “Solved: The Riddle of Illness” by Stephen Langer and tipped me off to the more natural path I am now on. I followed this up with my diet “bible” called “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. Please consider joining me as we work together to manage thyroiditis and hopefully gain new strategies of coping with the symptoms (which are very real). I say that because many of us have been labeled “hypochondriacs”. (See “my story” on my web page.) It seems that Hashimotos Disease has a way of appearing differently in people. In all the years I’ve communicated with others, it seems like there are no two sufferers exactly alike. What one person is dealing with and finding answers for, can really help another down the road. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I plan on posting a really great video on the “technical side” of Hashimoto’s Disease just “for the record” but I prefer to stick with the “whole body” approach regardless of what the symptoms are. My main purpose here is to lend support. I hope to have others involved too! On any given post, I will be asking for your experience, your thoughts, and your comments to help us all as we search for answers.

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