Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: So How Do I Cook Allergy Free Food?

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One of the most important things I learned a few years ago was how to make nutritious food at home. Yes, I always loved to cook, but the food I loved to cook was laden with my favorite foods, most of which I now need to avoid. And of course, I was a bit dependent on that box of chicken stock or cream of mushroom soup from the grocery store! Now I have so much more confidence in the kitchen because I am not dependent anymore on processed foods. To top it all off, the foods that can be cooked in your own kitchen are going to be more nutritious than any food you can get in the grocery store or a restaurant and of course, they will be much more safe from contaminants and toxins. It’s been at least 3 years now since I first started taking the online classes by GNOWFLINS and at that time, I was learning traditional food preparation as outlined in one of my favorite books by Sally Fallon called Nourishing Traditions. This is the main book that got me started with traditional food preparation but I was intimidated by the idea of cooking everything from scratch. When I found out that GNOWFLINS had online classes to teach me these basics, I had no hesitation to get into those classes and can you believe that I am STILL in her classes every week? Yes, she has since built upon these classes to include all kinds of offerings including cheese-making (for those who can still have dairy), naturally fermenting foods, dehydrating classes, and so many others. The pictures in this post represent just some of the foods she helped me learn to prepare for optimum nutrition. However, what prompted me to do this post was that she is now tackling the hardest thing for most of us and that is cooking around allergies/sensitivities! This is a class I have been looking forward to for many months now. If you are intimidated by the food restrictions you or a family member needs to avoid, look no further. Wardee will take you through all the common food allergies/sensitivities and help you learn how to cook nutritious alternatives with real food, not packaged food lacking nutrition! She understands your needs because her family has had great results in adopting these changes and have seen great health benefits along the way. Whether you are gluten-free, nut free, soy free, egg free, etc., Wardee will help you get around these allergies/sensitivities with ease (it CAN be done) and enjoy your food again! I owe a lot to Wardee because she really helped me get started on this journey to healing by her wonderful teaching skills and encouragement along the way. There are videos, PDF print outs, forums and more that are included in her eCourse packages but most exciting to me is that you have unlimited access to ALL prior classes and you can learn at your own pace! What a bonus feature! I still go back and refresh myself on how to make certain foods (I’m a visual learner) and just love the video format. It’s like having a video cookbook at my fingertips 24/7! So, if you are ready to get some nutritious and allergy free cooking going in your home, I highly recommend these classes. There is no long-term commitment but you do get a better deal when you buy the year in advance. And I want to let you know that although Wardee did not have an affiliate program for the first two years I was taking her classes, I am now happy to be an affiliate for her since I already promote her classes regularly. So, if you do decide to take these classes, you can also support my blog and Facebook Support Group efforts by using the links on my blog or in this post. Happy cooking!    

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #8 – The Gluten Free Journey Continues

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So you now know how to be truly gluten-free (at least at the foundation) but what is next? I wish I could tell you that gluten-free was the only thing you need to do to feel better. For many of us, there is significant symptom relief. If you are one of these people, please stop by the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Support Group and let others know what you had to do before you were truly gluten-free and what symptoms were relieved by this change!

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #7 – What about other Food Sensitivities?

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I really don’t like the subject of food sensitivities – well it’s not the subject I don’t like so much I guess, it’s the food sensitivities themselves! The reason is that it took me literally years to figure out that I was needlessly suffering from all kinds of symptoms that could have been alleviated just by eliminating certain foods. The problem was that I found it very difficult to figure out which food caused what. I now look back and realize that it could have been much easier if I knew to first cut out gluten, and then work on identifying the remaining food sensitivities. Symptoms like rapid heart rate, frequent urination, feeling bloated, blurred vision, eye pain, joint pain, migraines, inflammation, anxiety, depression, mood swings….yes, I know what you’re thinking – those symptoms are from Hashimoto’s!

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Taking the Time to Find the Root Cause

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I am taking a break from my month long “Let’s Go Gluten Free Series” in order to bring this blog back to “ground zero.” Ground Zero on this blog has always been a search for the root cause of Hashimoto’s. Anyone who has been following me for the last 9-10 years has come away with the understanding that I have always felt we would find the root cause….one day! Well, that day is on its way faster than ever!

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Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Let’s Go Gluten Free Series #6 – Eating Out (Restaurants and Social Gatherings)

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This post was probably the hardest for me to write in this series, not because there are no gluten-free restaurants out there but because I have had the most trouble going truly gluten-free in this area! It is also probably the longest of the posts. Remember, there is no such thing as being gluten-free 99% of the time! You have to be gluten-free 100% of the time. One itsy bitsy exposure, can set off an autoimmune response that could take up to 6 months to heal! I’ll give you the good news later in the post but for now, let me explain why this post is so heavy on my heart. I want to drive this point “home” so you don’t have to suffer like I did before I figured all this out. Make sure you read til the end because I am covering all kinds of situations and the good news is towards the end of the post. For me, this post was intense to write and may be intense to read but please do take the time to read the whole thing. It might save you from months (or longer) of troubleshooting your continuing symptoms.

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