This is great news for the newly diagnosed! Until this year there has been little hope of reversing this disease. But I believe we are on the cusp of very real possibilities for the determined to minimize the progression of this disease. See the video below to explain this newest way to approach Hashimoto’s Disease:

Hello and welcome to my Hashimotos Thyroiditis website!

I included the above information first, so you would have access to the most updated treatment before reading the rest of my welcome page. From this point on, you will be reading the information I collected prior to 2010. Please know that the information below is not outdated, but rather complimentary to the above.

The focus of this page is to provide as much information as possible to the newly diagnosed. I know this is important because when I was first diagnosed, I couldn’t find any non-technical information to help me make the treatment decisions that would be best for my situation. You see, we all have different needs. The diagnoses does seem to push us into thinking we have no time to research, but honestly, under normal circumstances, you have plenty of time make an informed decision.

This is not a death sentence disease. It can be very challenging, granted. But if I were to have the chance to start all over “at the beginning”, I would have chosen a completely different starting point. Of course, as we get to know each other and your needs, there is much more to this journey as we explore deeper ways to combat it after the initial treatment is chosen. Which reminds me; this site is dedicated to seeking natural remedies (treatments) for Hashimotos Thyroiditis. There are plenty of places to find the synthetic drug options and traditional treatments. Those who choose to walk that path will find more information through traditional sources.

However, if you do take a synthetic drug like Synthroid, we still welcome you to join us for all the other aspects of healing including diet, weight loss struggles and techniques, exercise and stress control, etc. We tend toward simplicity. TSH and related thyroid testing is valuable for tracking your progress along the way, but we care much more about the journey and how you feel as you attempt to minimize the symptoms of this disease.

That’s what this page is about; a chance to familiarize yourself with what you are dealing with. The *forum is a wonderful place to share your concerns, fears, questions, and just gather with others that have gone before you.  If you are a long time sufferer, please join us in the quest to heal – or at least find the best natural remedies available. It’s fast and easy to sign up . You may find that someone has already thoroughly researched a topic you are interested in learning more about.

The following information will answer some basic questions I had when I was diagnosed but could never get a straight answer from my doctor. It is my belief that the more we know, the more we can control. Knowledge is the ability to have power over our challenges. If you are not getting the help you need, please keep searching. Help is out there, but our experience is that you need to search for it!

What is Hypothyroidism?

What IS Hashimoto’s Disease and
Who is Dr. Hashimoto?*

What type of medications are available?

You will find that your treatment will be based on your desired course of action. There is not one right way to be treated. That is one major reason this website has been made. Some of us choose diet only, some natural thyroid medications, others strongly believe that the whole body needs to be treated through mind, body and spirit. (I think most of us on themessage board lean toward the latter.) Hashimoto’s may be treated with thyroid medication which may lessen symptoms, slow the antibody attack and reduce nodules and goiters. Some may choose herbal remedies which is discussed in a link below. The following will familiarize you with the most common treatments, but these will just begin to chip at the surface. The links attached to each method of treatment are not “preferred” links, they are simply links to get you started on your research. My “health” page will present many other links for ideas on thyroid health, which can be used to “fine tune” your chosen course of treatment. These are only some options:

T3 Therapy

Natural Dessicated Thyroid Preparations/Supplements

Thyroid Drug Options

A Healing Diet/Herbal Remedies

Treatment Options for Hypothyroidism

These are the most common steps people initially take. Please visit my “Other Stories” thread in the forums for approaches others are taking for their thyroid health. Your research will lead you in the right direction for you!

None of the information on this webpage is designed to take the place of being under the care of a qualified medical doctor. Please make sure you find a caring doctor to treat you for all your health concerns.
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